Reading Between the Lines; Analyzing Conversations in Online Dating

Originally posted on Prinze Charming:
MuffDiver69 sent you a message! “F**k. Why me?” You start to question your sane existence on a dating website. Is it acceptable to judge someone based on their dating profile username, or do we assume that…

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Mr Friends With Benefits returns.


Originally posted on Finding Mr Wrong:
I saw Mr Friends With Benefits again, and it was typical that it had to be on my birthday. He kept staring at me the whole night as I danced with my guy best…

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Speaking of Amy Winehouse…

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Originally posted on Cheri Speak:
If you are a regular reader, then you already know music [only and after writing] is like, my thing…? Right? So, anyways, yesterday, I participated in the WordPress “DailyPrompt” and I dropped a quote by Amy…

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The Romance of Our Shadows

Originally posted on boy with a hat:
Who knows what my shadow does while I sleep? Does he rest too? Or does he caper on the chamber wall, performing cartwheels and somersaults? Does he take a moonlight shower? Does he…

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7 Simple Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Beatles Cup and Sacuer

Originally posted on 2Shopper:
In 18th century England, the tradition of giving gifts of love on February 14th became the norm and if you are like most people, you still haven’t figured out what to get your special someone even…

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9 Ways to Make Her Naughty Again

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Originally posted on Cheri Speak:
When was the last time you legitimately flirted with your wife or significant other? I mean flirted, not just been a horn-dog saying shit you think is sexy? Chances are it happened before you said,…

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A little thought about the problem, men and women, and relationships

Originally posted on About me … and my male problem…:
That’s my problem That’s it … and not her. I am talking about erectile dysfunction. But – in sexuality involves two (I’m talking about the norm). And my wife, sooner or…

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Face value

Originally posted on Say Something:
If you ask a girl about what she looks for in a man, she might give any number of answers.  ‘I want a guy who makes me laugh’, ‘I’d like to find a guy who…

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